[ubuntu-uk] [marketing] great-grandma-takes-internet-shopping-by-storm-with-ubuntu

norman norman at littletank.org
Tue Mar 31 20:19:56 BST 2009

> I've Stumbled it. It also says a lot about PC training courses - I know
> they can't tailor a course for every student, but they don't seem to
> offer stuff that will be useful for the average new user. I know my
> widowed cousin asked about a course that was running locally, and was
> told she was too old to learn! I wonder how many PCs are sitting unused
> because the surviving partner can't use it.

What a gross, ageist attitude to take with regards to training courses.
My brother, who is knocking on 73 runs a course arranged by Age Concern,
for his contemporaries and younger. 


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