[ubuntu-uk] Joiku wireless connection......

Harry Rickards hrickards at l33tmyst.com
Tue Mar 31 16:04:08 BST 2009

Quoting jakewc2 <jakewc2 at sky.com>:

> Sorrym to keep on about this, but I am still having problems. i just
> wondered, could there be something wrong with the networkmanager applet?
> Could somebody help please?
> Thank you.
> John

If there is a problem with network manager, you could use wubi, an  
alternative to network manager. It bills itself as "an open source  
wired and wireless network manager for Linux which aims to provide a  
simple interface to connect to networks with a wide variety of  
settings", and allows you to do pretty much the same as Network  
Manager. However, if you want a wicd applet, you'll have to set  
'/opt/wicd/tray.py' to run at startup.

To install, you first need to remove network manager by opening a  
terminal (Accessories > Terminal) and running
'sudo apt-get remove network-manager network-manager-applet'. When  
this is done, run the command
'sudo apt-get install wicd'.



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