[ubuntu-uk] Chromium

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Fri Mar 20 20:48:25 GMT 2009

2009/3/20 David King <linuxman at avoura.com>:
> I was referring to Chromium, a project by Codeweavers using Wine to make
> Chrome run on Linux. Unless there is another program called Chromium?

Chromium is _not_ a project by codeweavers, it's an open source google project.


Chrome is googles branded browser which is currently only available
from Google for WIndows.


Codeweavers packaged _chromium_ for windows and wine together.


However there's a native Linux version - which is currently very unstable.

> When using the Chromium browser, if I right click on the title bar, the
> bottom option on the menu is "About Wine".

Only if you use the Windows version of chromium under
wine/codeweavers. The native version doesn't.


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