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Christopher Swift Chris at Chrisswift.eu
Fri Mar 20 18:27:08 GMT 2009

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Hello, I am Chris[0], however some may know me as ianto in irc and I am
hoping to organise a release party in Wales. I'm currently in the south
of Wales near Swansea, so I'm thinking of utilising the city of Swansea
  as a potential venue however Cardiff is also under consideration as
well as a few other largish settlements in Wales. At the moment, much
isn't planned but topics under discussion are the types of venue: i.e.
should it be a pub, a _real_ party or just somewhere to chat like a
restaurant or something. Also another big detail, is the city as I've
mentioned above. There are however plans being made at the moment by
some Welsh Ubuntueros[1].

If you are in or are able to travel to the south of Wales to meet up
with the Welsh Ubuntu community, then by all means come along when we
finalize things. However I'd like some feedback regarding the venue
choice and location. For example in your opinion would a full on party
be preferable to pub or a restaurant or what sort of venue would you
prefer? Also, how many of you will be definitely able to attend on 25th
April if in Swansea or in Cardiff or even somewhere up North which I
wouldn't mind attending if I save up some money by then for a train fare

Well I would appreciate your feedback, I look forward to hearing from
you all,


[0] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Chris
[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WelshTeam/JauntyReleaseParty
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