[ubuntu-uk] Netbook suddenly stopped recognising network..,..,

Michael G Fletcher michael at ilovemylinux.com
Wed Mar 18 11:32:17 GMT 2009

> Hi, sorry its taken me so long to get back to you, I just entered that
> command into the terminal and got this.
> Linux username-laptop 2.6.27 -8-eeepc #1 SMP Sun Nov 16 12:02:12 MST 2008
> i686 GNU/Linux
> hope that helps. I can only get connected via the ethernet wire, if I look
> in the drop down menu for the wireless, there is no list for wireless
> connections.
> John.
John, it may be that the wireless device in your laptop is physically
turned off.  Try pushing the wireless switch on the front of your acer
(i think it's a slide bar) and waiting about 30 seconds, then check if
any wireless connection are available.

Michael Fletcher

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