[ubuntu-uk] Truly, a vanilla install

Rowan Berkeley rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 15 12:30:51 GMT 2009

I don't seem to have a /home/$USER/ folder. There's nothing in /home/
except /Rowan/, and nothing in /Rowan/ except /examples/.

I did see a folder called /Lost & Found/ but it disappeared when I tried
to open it, after telling me I didn't have permission to do so.  

On Sun, 2009-03-15 at 10:24 +0000, mac wrote:
> Sean Miller wrote:
> > I don't think plug-ins get installed in the home directory, do they?
> > 
> > If so, then it presumably would be easy to ditch them... just an "rm
> > -rf .mozilla" or whatever the directory is... next time Firefox starts
> > it can re-configure itself back to default.
> AFAIK, your whole profile for Firefox is in /home/$USER/.mozilla/firefox/
> and has a name of the form 'xxxxxxxx.default'  where the x's are a 
> meaningless sequence of letters and numbers.
> If you close Firefox and delete the xxxxxxxx.default directory, Firefox 
> will create a new 'vanilla' profile when you restart it.  (Extensions 
> are stored in the particular profile they refer to, so they'll go.  You 
> will, of course, lose any bookmarks and other personalisations - though 
> you can save the bookmarks.html file, and restore to your new profile.). 
>   Anyway, there's no need to reinstall the whole of Firefox if it's not 
> broken.  I'd be inclined to try deleting the profile first;  you can 
> always do a complete reinstall if it's really necessary.
> mac

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