[ubuntu-uk] Truly, a vanilla install

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Mar 13 21:34:37 GMT 2009

On 13/03/2009 18:02, Rowan Berkeley wrote:
> I seem to have done one stupid thing: trying to get embedded YouTube
> videos to play in the Firefox browser in Ubuntu 8.10, I installed two
> plug-ins one after another, neither of whiuch helped at all One of them
> can be disabled (though not uninstalled),via Firefox>  Tools>  Add-ons,
> namely Gnash 0.8.4, but the other one seems to have vanished into the
> Firefox configuration without possibility of disabling or uninstalling,
> namely SWFdec 0.8.0, and I would like to get rid of both of them and try
> again, since right now any attempt to run embedded videos just hangs the
> browser, so that I have to use a forced close on it. I have not tried to
> alter or remove the video player utilities that came with the Ubuntu
> 8.10 LiveCD, which is otherwise running perfectly. So, any advice on how
> to roll back these (or all) add-ons and plug-ins I myself have installed
> today would be great. Thanks.
Someone might be able to better advise (I'm not on an Ubuntu machine at 
the moment) but you could either look in Add/Remove Programs (which is 
on the Applications Menu) or under Synaptic (which if I remember 
correctly is on the System Menu under Administration.  When you run 
either of them you will be asked to enter your password, just enter your 
normal password you used to login (same as what Firefox would have asked 

Hopefully this will help... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto

What you need to do is search for the application, so in this case 
SWFdec and Gnash (you'll probably need to search for them 
individually).  They should hopefully come up with a green box next to 
them.  If you right click on them you should be able to select them for 
removal (not sure if you'd need to do a complete removal, I'd try just 
the mark for removal first) and then click the Apply button.  It should 
then remove SWFdec and Gnash from your system.

Hope this helps.


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