[ubuntu-uk] Query about connecting a Ubuntu pc and an xbox

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Mar 12 11:50:21 GMT 2009

On 12/03/2009 11:25, javadayaz wrote:
> apart from rewiring i dont see how else those cables can be truly hidden.
Speaking to my dad about the same thing, he advised me I've have to put 
in a conduit in the wall (so cut out a bit of plaster), put the cabling 
in and plaster over it (IIRC he said about putting something over the 
cable before plastering it.  Not really ideal if you've just 
redecorated.  The only reason I'm getting away with it is because we're 
redecorating and at the moment we're in the process of stripping wallpaper.
> And i dont wana be one of those people who when they show off their hd 
> to their friends they dont actually have the hd content to back it up 
> so its going to have to be able to play at least a good quality of 
> content! I would probably think the house electric wires are probably 
> better built for that!
Well the XBOX won't really play HD content, it's just not really up to 
the job of doing it properly which is a shame really as I really do like 
XBMC (yes I know it's available for Linux & Windows although if I was 
putting a PC in I'd put MythTV or Windows Media Center on it instead).  
If you want to play HD content over power line ethernet you'd probably 
find you'd have to go for something like the 200MBit  adaptors which are 
more expensive as you generally don't get the quoted speed.  IIRC my 
friend's 85Mbit adaptors got a real speed of around 18MBit.  In the 
future though hopefully Netgear will be releasing their network over TV 
coax adaptors though which use standard TV/FM coax cables although 
they'll be a bit pricey - 


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