[ubuntu-uk] comprehensively messed up by updates

Michael G Fletcher michael at ilovemylinux.com
Mon Mar 9 12:13:39 GMT 2009

On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 11:48 AM, Rowan Berkeley
<rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com> wrote:
> I wouldn't mind installing 8.10, and then I could run all the updates as
> and when they appear, and enjoy all the cutting edge improvements. But
> it's true that I do not know whether the non-default interface driver
> was necessitated by the particular interface card used by Compal, the
> manufacturer of the machine, in which case my problem would re-appear
> even on 8.10, wouldn't it?
> I didn't try running the kernel re-install disc, because then I would
> have had to find all the essential applications somehow, including the
> one needed to find them online, i.e., the Internet browser, it seems to
> me, whereas I would hope that a complete new install of 8.10 would
> include a browser. To be stuck without a browser and without an
> installable version on disc ready in advance would be fatal, wouldn't
> it?

Ah, I think I see where your reluctance to install a fresh and new
Ubuntu stems from - you are still completely engrossed in the windows
model of computing.

1. Installing Ubuntu from the CD (downloaded off the website) will
give you a fully function computer.  by default practically everything
you need is installed.  things like firefox, openoffice, synaptic and
many many more applications will be ready to go from the very
beginning!  With windows all you get is a basic operating system.

2. If you download 8.10, burn it to CD, insert it into your CD drive
and reboot the machine (I think you mentioned pressing F12 and
selecting boot from CD) you will have an option there to "try Ubuntu
without changing anything.." or something to that effect.  this is
called running a LiveCD - it basically gives you a picture of how
Ubuntu will work on your machine (only a little slower cause it needs
to constantly load info from the CD) but it will show you if the
network driver that installs will work with your laptop.  So whilst
running the LiveCD, plug in the network cable and see if you have
internet connectivity.  if it works, then double click the install
item.  If it doesn't work, reboot, remove the CD and your computer is
exactly the same as you left! (I hope I'm not being condescending my
possibly explaining something that you already know!)


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