[ubuntu-uk] comprehensively messed up by updates

Rowan Berkeley rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 9 11:48:54 GMT 2009

I wouldn't mind installing 8.10, and then I could run all the updates as
and when they appear, and enjoy all the cutting edge improvements. But
it's true that I do not know whether the non-default interface driver
was necessitated by the particular interface card used by Compal, the
manufacturer of the machine, in which case my problem would re-appear
even on 8.10, wouldn't it?

I didn't try running the kernel re-install disc, because then I would
have had to find all the essential applications somehow, including the
one needed to find them online, i.e., the Internet browser, it seems to
me, whereas I would hope that a complete new install of 8.10 would
include a browser. To be stuck without a browser and without an
installable version on disc ready in advance would be fatal, wouldn't

    Mon, 2009-03-09 at 11:29 +0000, Tony Travis wrote:
> Rowan Berkeley wrote:
> > If all LinuxCertified did was buy a batch of snazzy Korean executive
> > laptops, with Windows Vista already installed on them, and then install
> > out-of-date and un-updatable versions of ubuntu on them, then tweak them
> > to make it work as long as they weren't updated, then I would be better
> > off without their "support", and with the support of people in my own
> > area who are familiar with the up-to-date versions of ubuntu, and can
> > probably find any tweaks that may be necessary. I think all three of us
> > are converging on that view.
> Hello, Rowan.
> Hang on a bit! - Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is not out-of-date, it's a LONG TERM 
> SUPPORT release and there is no reason why you should not continue to 
> use it if that's what LC support, and you don't want to install 8.10 
> yourself.
> Did you try my advice of booting the kernel originally supplied by LC?
> I don't think the 'restricted' drivers are the problem, it's the fact 
> that LC installed a non-standard kernel module for your NIC. However, 
> this should not be a problem if you boot from the kernel they supplied.
> People on this list should know better than to start talking to you 
> about different releases of Ubuntu as if that will solve your problem 
> without making it clear that it's the version of the kernel in these 
> releases that will solve your problem because they have an updated 
> realtek NIC driver in them - Like the one LC compiled for you!
> The negativity of this thread is contrary to the spirit of Ubuntu. let's 
> be a bit more positive in our advice to Rowan and help him to understand 
> why his Ubuntu 8.04 is broken. Then, he can make an informed decision 
> about where to go from there. Criticising LC for installing 8.04 LTS is 
> not constructive and flies in the face of Canonical's LTS strategy.
> Bye,
> 	Tony.
> p.s. I'm using 8.04 LTS on my laptop and will continue to do so ;-)
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