[ubuntu-uk] Running restore disc for Ubuntu

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Thu Mar 5 13:58:14 GMT 2009

On 05/03/2009, Sean Miller <sean at seanmiller.net> wrote:
> I really think you're wasting your time, Rowan, dealing with them.


>  I am convinced that if you let Ubuntu simply install itself you'll
>  have all your issues fixed.

I'd be willing to bet that's not the case. Look at it from LC point of
view. They want to ship a laptop running Ubuntu but they _know_ the
driver that ships with Ubuntu is "broken" or "sub-optimal" so they go
to the effort of getting the source and building a decent driver into
their build of Ubuntu.

They clearly have made some effort making a recovery CD which can
revert everything back to factory default which says to me they are
far from clueless.

The fact is that they have a luckless and clueless (his words) user
who doesn't understand how these things fit together. It's not easy
supporting someone who has only just started out on this journey, and
I think we should pay LC some respect for trying.

>  It is one of the things we've been taught to do, phone or e-mail the
>  supplier in the first instance, but when it comes to Linux I have
>  never felt it to be the right move.  If the machine is not "mature"
>  (ie. filled with applications, files and whatever) it's often far
>  better to simply wipe it and start again.

You're not Rowan though. You have orders of magnitude more skill and
experience in use of Linux than he appears to. If he goes for a
vanilla install of Ubuntu it's entirely likely that he'll end up with
some level of brokenness somewhere and no support from LC.

>  What do others think?

I think we have provided immense amounts of information detailing
exactly the commands that Rowan needs to recompile and reinstall his
driver. Either he knuckles down and tries it, or he takes his laptop
to a local Linux User Group (or even a remote one :) ) and gets
someone to look at it with/for him.


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