[ubuntu-uk] Running restore disc for Ubuntu

Rowan rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 5 12:59:03 GMT 2009

Oh, absolutely, the applications are all in  the repositories, they have 
said so several times. But you can imagine how much angst I would 
generate trying to do it that way. I suspect that the trick is to catch 
one of the boot options when first powering up, before it goes into 
Ubuntu, perhaps with the disc already in the drive, like you said.

Rob Beard wrote:
> On 05/03/2009 12:39, Rowan wrote:
>> thanks guys -- I have all the time in the world, it's just that I am a
>> bit luckless (and clueless). This DVD is the one that LinuxCertified
>> made specifically as an 'image' of their own particular configuration
>> with all its applications, but they also supplied a CD with just the
>> ubuntu minus the apps. I have emailed them anyway, because it won't take
>> long to find out ; they usually reply by evening, our time, which is
>> mid-morning california time.
> Well with any luck if the applications are in the Ubuntu repositories 
> they may be able to advise easily enough what to do to add those 
> applications back.
> Rob

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