[ubuntu-uk] Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 00:27:58 GMT 2009

2009/3/4 Matt Jones <matt at mattjones.me.uk>:
> On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 10:54 PM, James Milligan <lake54 at lake54.com> wrote:
>> Wow that's had a beating!

You're not wrong there! :-o

I do think that apart from the benefits of SSDs in laptops, once the
price:capacity ratio is a bit better, that there is a market for
armoured laptops. Not as massive as the full-spec Panasonic
Toughbooks, like these ones:

... But a slightly less mil-spec but still tougher-than-average one.
Laptops are taking more & more of the PC market & they tend to lead
very hard lives.  Just something a bit more like the "executive"

& indeed all these:

Look more or less like a standard notebook PC, but can take being
dropped, hit, liquid spills, closed with objects inside and so on.

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