[ubuntu-uk] Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Wed Mar 4 22:29:55 GMT 2009

It is a real shame that Dell no longer sell the 1525 with Ubuntu. I 
bought one for a friend and she loves it. Now it is either a mini laptop 
or a much more powerful one, with the mini one being about the same 
price as the old 1525.

Also, off topic, why has Dell gone all American on their UK site, 
putting lots of weights of laptops in lbs? Everywhere else vendors are 
describing theirs in kilograms. I doubt if I will ever buy a Dell laptop 

David King

Andrew Turner wrote:
> Hello,
> Just got myself one of the new Dell Inspiron 15 laptops (unfortunately
> with Vista - they no longer do the Ubuntu pre-installed 1525). Thought
> I'd let the list know that Intrepid runs out out the box with no
> problems (wireless, bluetooth, compiz etc all work without any
> configuration).
> I seem to remember a thread a while back about getting a refund from
> Microsoft for unwanted OEM copies of Windows - can anyone enlighten
> me?
> Andrew

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