[ubuntu-uk] Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Mar 4 10:14:45 GMT 2009

Jason Liquorish wrote:
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> mac wrote:
>> Jon Reynolds wrote:
>>> Well I will be very interested to see how you get on with this, if you follow it up.
>> Yes, indeed, do let us know.  You may have to go back to Microsoft, 
>> though:  I've certainly seen reports that when people have tried to get 
>> refunds from PC or laptop makers/suppliers, they have sometimes been 
>> told that they bought a package that was clearly described as 
>> 'XYZ-laptop with Win XP installed', and as these were in fact the goods 
>> supplied they could not have a refund.
> This is exactly what I got told for my HP laptop, and when I rang MS I
> got told it was HPs problem. Unless you have the time and patients to
> take this as far as possible and you document you removing XP etc. then
> unfortunately I doubt you are going to get far.
I read something a while ago about someone trying to get a Windows 
refund on an Acer.  They did it although it was a long winded process 
which required the owner to send the laptop back to the Acer repair 
centre so they could remove the licence sticker and confirm the hard 
drive was wiped.  Not sure what the process is with Dells but I'm sure a 
google search will throw something up (although IIRC the refunds were 
only something like £30, in my case with my Acer I just kept Vista and I 
dual boot now - I could have dropped my notebook off to the repair 
centre which is about 30 miles away from me in Plymouth but I couldn't 
be bothered with the hassle).


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