[ubuntu-uk] Non-default driver

Rowan rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 2 09:40:08 GMT 2009

But then I'm a "glass half full" kinda guy.

- Indeed you are, Al. That makes you a splendid moderator for this kind of list.

Alan Pope wrote:
> 2009/3/2 Rowan <rowan.berkeley at googlemail.com>:
>> One, the thing already installed some of the auto-updates, then got
>> stuck, because it had disabled the interface and couldn't download the
>> rest, so I shall have to tell it to stop complaining about this fact
>> until I am sorted.
> Yes, the instructions that Sean and LC provided should get you back
> online. Of course you could then install more updates that break it
> again, and so you'd need to go through the procedure again. It should
> take only about 1 min once you have got your head around the commands.
>> Two, in fact, it appears the machine was not purpose designed, with or
>> without "bleeding edge chipsets" (lovely phrase!) - it was designed and
>> built in Japan to run Vista, and these LinuxCertified people just
>> rebranded it.
> Pretty much all laptops these days are "designed for vista", and most
> linux vendors simply buy those laptops and rebrand/reinstall on them
> to get a more acceptable solution.
> Of course things are getting better. Canonical and others are testing
> hardware and providing feedback both to western
> distributors/manufacturers and the original equipment manufacturers in
> the far east. Things are a lot better these days than they were a few
> years ago.
> Some of us were in a Sony store recently and one person put a bootable
> Ubuntu linux USB stick in one of the display Sony laptops. It booted
> up and everything we tested worked, straight out of the box. Now I'm
> not saying everyone should go out and buy Sony kit, but in the past
> Sony laptops had been somewhat troublesome in getting working in
> Linux. To be able to boot one off a usb stick (or CD/DVD) in a store
> and find _everything_ work is quite a mean feat. I'd say it's only
> going to get better as companies like Canonical, Novell and Red Hat
> test and certify kit.
> But then I'm a "glass half full" kinda guy.
> Cheers,
> Al.

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