[ubuntu-uk] Headsets & VOIP

mac ammonius.grammaticus at gmx.co.uk
Mon Mar 2 07:04:45 GMT 2009

Jai Harrison wrote:
> ...(I'm thinking Skype).
> Can anyone point me in the direction of a headset they've used with
> Ubuntu and provide me with any tips setting something like this up?

I've successfully used all sorts of mike/headset/speaker combinations 
with Skype.  Basic kit that plugs directly into the mic and headphone 
sockets is simplest and cheapest, as Pete and Sean have said.  But to be 
fair, I've also used usb Plantronics headsets (which have their own 
external sound cards - brilliant with laptops, but very expensive);  and 
I've used a Logitech Quickcam S7500 Webcam - usb - with an integral mic, 
and a Creative Labs 2.1 speaker system.

With the usb kit, you do have to turn on the mic, and adjust the gain 
(as well as un-muting the speakers).  With an 8.xx Ubuntu, this seems 
quite easy:  double click the speaker icon on the task bar, to open the 
volume control panel, and in Preferences select the appropriate 
combination of digital/recording/input devices to dispaly, as well as 
the bits of the Playback system you want.  (This is easier to understand 
when your looking at the Preferences list and playing with the 
adjustments screen!)

You also have to open the Skype 'Options' when you've got your headset 
or other kit plugged in.  Select the appropriate Sound Devices to use 
for Sound In and Sound Out.  A bit of experimentation usually lets you 
get this right quickly.  But I find it helps NOT to let Skype 
auto-adjust the mixer levels - so I untick that box.

Finally - pace RMS - if you're going to use Skype proprietary software, 
I'd get their own latest version direct from them.  So edit your 
/etc/apt/sources.list to include Skype's repo:

deb http://download.skype.com/linux/repos/debian/ stable non-free

and then do an update, safe-upgrade, and install skype

Sorry if this is more detail than you need.



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