[ubuntu-uk] website backup

Dean Sas dean at deansas.org
Tue Jun 30 21:33:57 BST 2009

alan c wrote:
> After reading the horror stories about 'website hacked' and the like I
> wanted to check my understanding about backing up.
> I am aware of simple methods such as
> Copying files directly presumably with say, filezilla , after logging
> in as admin is what first come to mind.
> But what about httrack? This can mirror a site. Can this be regarded
> as a backup?

Any website backup should also include the backup of any databases used
for it and any files that are above the web root. httrack looks as if
it'll work only if the website is completely static, any pages using
e.g. php will only have the output backed up by httrack and not the .php
file itself. Also it'll only back up files you tell it about or files
that are linked from other pages on your site.

I use rsnapshot (there are plenty of similar tools) and have it
configured to make a database backup file before it runs the back-up.
Unfortunately it's not the easiest thing to configure and it does
require that you have shell access to the server (I wouldn't consider
hosting that doesn't have shell access to be honest)

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