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Matthew Daubney matt at daubers.co.uk
Sat Jun 27 17:52:22 BST 2009

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> Hi Matt, oh dear, he comes some more of my ignorance, what is a VPS. My 
> host is called EUKHost, and I have a shared server. I cant get them to 
> open up about this, but some of the things that I have on there such as 
> the MODX CMS and Wordpress conflict with mod_security, and it has to be 
> tirned off. They wont fix it because it will affect the other sites if 
> it does. Will that have been what could have caused this? My domains are 
> hamstercareforum.co.uk and furrycritters.co.uk. How can you find out 
> about the security of them. I used to belong to a rescue, dont do much 
> now, but the info is about the animals I used to look after, and it has 
> a forum on there as well. I do have a few animals here.
> I just took a look and the sites still arent showing.
> John


A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. Essentially its a virtual machine on
someone elses server. By the looks of it, yours is just a single server
sharing some resources. Based on the fact that it doesn't appear to have
a firewall installed, I'd immediatley be a bit suspicious. phpBB and
Wordpress can sometimes be broken into, but if you're on shared storage,
then I'd ask if it was just your stuff that was taken down. I'm not sure
how to look up the ip address to see what else was on there, but it may
be that someone elses dodgy install of something gave access.

There are a million and one things that could be the cause here, but
chances are, it wasn't something you can control.

-Matt Daubney
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