[ubuntu-uk] first edition

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Fri Jun 26 20:35:31 BST 2009

Just for fun I downloaded 4.10 and installed it into VirtualBox. It was 
interesting to see what has changed and what has not changed since the 
first release. Certainly the colour scheme has improved a lot. Some of 
the software was the same. I think I prefer the later versions, 
especially 9.04 which I am using now. I remember installing Red Hat back 
in about 1999 and that looked great during install, lots of screens of 
info during installation, and it allowed me to select what packages I 
wanted to install. But Ubuntu just installs everything without any 
choice, and I was surprised at the plain text installer in 4.10.

The best thing about it, though, was that during installation it 
actually asked me what screen resolution I wanted. When I install later 
versions in VirtualBox there is no option, and it defaults to a max size 
of 800 x 600, until I install the Guest Additions. In 4.10 it defaults 
to 1024 x 768, although Guest Additions will not install due to the 
kernel being too old.

Worth looking at, I might even look at other old versions of Ubuntu. But 
I can be more productive with 9.04 than I ever could have been with 4.10

David King

Harry Rickards wrote:
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> On 06/19/09 11:32, Sean Miller wrote:
>> I threw out a load of 4.10 CDs when I moved in March... bare
>> "offensive" female shoulders and all...
>> Damn!!  Never knew they were going to become collectors items...
>> Sean
> Of course there's always http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/4.10/
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> Many thanks
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