[ubuntu-uk] Dell mini 10v costs more with Ubuntu than with XP

Paul Broadhead pjbroad at twinmoons.clara.co.uk
Thu Jun 25 20:55:34 BST 2009

Paul Broadhead wrote:

> Great, dell are selling their Inspiron Mini 10v preloaded with Ubuntu
> 8.04.  The base system with a 8GB SSD is priced at 199 pounds.
> You can even upgrade the spec to be the same as the XP version, i.e.
> with a 160GB hard drive. The problem is with that upgrade the Ubuntu
> machine costs 258 pounds while the XP machine costs 249 pounds.  Not
> so great.

OK, as some of you have pointed out its not all about the price but....
I've just checked the dell website again and you can now spec the Ubuntu
version with the 160GB for the same price as the 140GB disk making the
Ubuntu version just over £10 cheaper than the XP one of the same spec.
Also, both versions have been reduced by £20 pounds.

Paul Broadhead

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