[ubuntu-uk] Terminology and beginners, was Re: Scrambled screen & reinstalling

John jakewc2 at sky.com
Wed Jun 24 17:46:00 BST 2009

Tim Dobson wrote:
> Neil Greenwood wrote:
>> Finding a common set of terms (and then remembering to use them!) is difficult.
>> The best thing to do is ask if you don't understand. 
> Seconded. Just ask for clarification - even if it's not something your 
> particularly interested in or if you can't understand it enough to know 
> whether you'd be interested.
> I do take your point and can see what you mean but please do feel free 
> to ask the list what is meant by "Empathy to replace Pidgin in Karmic" 
> etc or anything else.. :)
> Cheers
> Tim
I can second that. I am a novice, and I have asked a lot of questions, 
and this list is so helpful, and all the guys are really friendly. Its 
one of the best lists I've been on for support. If it hadnt been for 
this list I would be lost.


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