[ubuntu-uk] Two things I wanted to ask about.....

John jakewc2 at sky.com
Tue Jun 23 14:03:26 BST 2009

My main pc went to the manufacturer today, it didnt break down as such, 
it just needs some work done on it, plus it I want some extra RAM memory 
and a better Graphics card. I am now using my little netbook, which is 
doing remarkably, for what I have attached to it.

I just wondered, I have attached the 17" monitor to it, plus the larger 
keyboard, it is working really well so far. I now have two monitors side 
by side, which I have managed to work out how to get working. I just 
wondered, the monitor resolution is the largest, (cant remember the 
exact resolution) but the Display box doesnt give that resolution, and 
everything looks so big. I just wondered, is there any way to get it to 
show the bigger resolution? Plus, with the two things added to the 
netbook, will it be too much for it? I dont want to break this one. Its 
the only one I have left at the moment, as I lent the laptop out.

The second thing I wanted to ask was, I am hopeless at picking things up 
by reading, I'm from the old school, where I learn better being shown. 
Are there any courses I can go on, that can help me learn Linux better?

Thanks for your help.


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