[ubuntu-uk] Churning hard disk, glacial startup

Lucy lucybridges at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 20:48:28 BST 2009

2009/6/21 Paul Webster <paulwebbiweb at googlemail.com>:
> The bootup time on my slightly aging Celeron M laptop is now close to 2
> mins. I thought Jaunty was meant to be quick in this department.

> Do computers running Ubuntu gradually get slower and slower like Windows
> computers do?

No. Ubuntu and Linux in general is very good at maintaining itself and
should run indefinitely without problems. That said, if you're
anything like me and install lots of random fun-looking programs
things may slow down, at least until you tidy up again by removing

However, I don't think this is the problem here. You could try
disabling dropbox and see what happens but I don't think that's the
cause (more a symptom) because it shouldn't affect your boot time.

Does the system monitor give your memory usage? If not, can you open a
terminal (under the Accessories menu I think) and type 'free -m'
(without the quotes). Copy and paste the result into a reply email

In case it's not the memory, can you also type 'dmesg > dmesg.txt'
into the same terminal please. This will create a file called
dmesg.txt in your home directory. Can you copy the contents into a
pastebin and give us a link please?

If it turns out that it's the hard drive (the results of the above
will give us a clue) then there's a program called smart-notifier that
may give you some more information. I've not used it though so I don't
know if it needs much/any configuration.

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