[ubuntu-uk] Scrambled screen and reinstalling

Greg Herdman gherdman at toucansurf.com
Sat Jun 20 15:23:35 BST 2009

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to my scrambled screen issue.
I've almost come to the conclusion that the quickest way to get 
everything back to full functionality would be to reinstall Ubuntu 8.04.

I've taken on-board two key issues (I think) that ought to retain all of 
the information still on my machine:

1. Backup /home - including all of the system objects revealed by CTRL-H.
2. When reinstalling, to not reformat my /home partition - in fact that 
is my ONLY partition as far as I know, given that my system is 
Ubuntu-only, rather than a dual boot setup.

If anyone can foresee any possible potholes for the unwary (me) please 
do tell before I go down this route.

Many thnaks to all who have and continue to contribute - as a newbie, 
I'm finding reading everyone's postings really helpful in getting 
familiar with Ubuntu.

One final query; how do I go about making a copy of my Live DVD? Thomas 
& Sicam in their book almost insist on users duplicating their DVD and 
spreading it around. I have a number of interested parties keen to 
sample Ubuntu but can't see a way to copy the disc since it auto runs.



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