[ubuntu-uk] wacom tablets

norman norman at littletank.org
Fri Jun 19 20:30:07 BST 2009

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> > I would be grateful for comments from anyone who understands this code
> > and how it would need to be modified to work in Ubuntu 9.04.

> This script will probably not work as in Jaunty the names "Stylus" and 
> "Pad" are no longer recognised: you have to use the full names of the 
> devices instead. For example on my tablet PC the name for "Stylus" is 
> "Wacom Serial Tablet PC Pen Tablet/Digitizer". To find out what the 
> names of your devices are you need to run "xinput --list" in a terminal. 
> Then you will have to change the above script to use those names (make 
> sure you enclose the names in quotes " ").

Thank you for that most interesting.
> Personally I hope this will all get easier to configure in a future 
> version of Ubuntu. It's pretty horrible at the moment.
I entirely agree with you.


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