[ubuntu-uk] wacom bamboo

mac ammonius.grammaticus at gmx.co.uk
Thu Jun 18 19:35:54 BST 2009

norman wrote:
> Thanks for your commiserations and wishes. I am almost decided to go
> back to 8.04 but I am not yet sure of the most effective way to do this
> with the least hassle. Any suggestions, please.

If you have /home on a separate partition, back it up, and do a fresh 
install of Hardy;  but select 'Manual partition', set up /root, swap, 
and /home, but chose NOT to format /home.

Only problem with this is that some of your apps may have configuration 
files in /home that won't be compatible with 8.04's older versions. 
When an application complains, you can often fix this simply by renaming 
the hidden configuration file in /home (they'll be folders with names 
like .mozilla and .liferea_1.6 or whatever);  a lot of common apps just 
create a new configuration file in /home if there isn't one there already.

If you don't have a separate /home partition, back up your /home folder, 
do a clean install, and restore any data you need from your old /home 

Can't think of anything else.  Some of the very experienced folk here 
may have better ideas.


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