[ubuntu-uk] An Ubuntu version that looks like Windows

Alan Bell alan.bell at theopenlearningcentre.com
Wed Jun 17 23:17:09 BST 2009

the only remaining question is who will sue them first? Microsoft for 
multiple trademark issues, Canonical for the horrible bastardisation of 
the Ubuntu logo or the FSF for failing to release source code and 
wrapping it up behind a 16 boot crippleware wrapper.
My bet is on Microsoft to take action first.


David King wrote:
> An Israeli company has put together a version of Linux based on Ubuntu 
> and that looks and acts more like Windows, which could be a good way of 
> getting Windows users to switch. It can also switch to a Mac-like 
> interface with a simple mouse click or two.
> http://www.affordy.com/
> However, if you download it, it is a trial version that runs 16 times 
> only, then you have to pay for it.
> But I do like the concept, and the way it can perhaps convert some 
> Windows users who do not want to lose their interface but want something 
> faster and more reliable, and free from viruses.
> On the downside, currently the link to their online shop only goes to 
> the shop site main page, which is all in Hebrew.
>  http://shop.affordy.com/pl_product~TITANLEV-ENG~2~0.htm 
> <http://shop.affordy.com/pl_product%7ETITANLEV-ENG%7E2%7E0.htm>
> There is a link at the bottom of the page to the English site, which is 
> at http://shop.affordy.com/?lang=en and it has the Titan Lev linux 
> distro for sale for only $25.
> I am going to try out the trial version in VirtualBox and see what it is 
> like. If you have friends who are Windows users, you might want to tell 
> them that they can upgrade to a modern Vista-like OS for just $25 and be 
> free from viruses. The Titan Lev distro as supplied also has support for 
> Windows software like MS Office, probably through Wine.
> David King

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