[ubuntu-uk] Can I run my OSX partition in VirtualBox (or something like it)?

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Jun 16 18:55:10 BST 2009

Harry Rickards wrote:
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> On 06/16/09 16:57, doug livesey wrote:
>> Ah, well -- rebooting every now & then isn't exactly the worst fate that
>> could befall one!
>> I was sure that I'd read that exactly what I propose could be done with
>> Windows partitions -- I shall have to see if I can find where, again.
>> Cheers for all the replies,
>>    Doug.
> AFAIK you can't use an existing partition, but if it's a PowerPC version
> of OSX you can user PearPC (http://pearpc.sourceforge.net)
I remember many moons ago running MacOS on Linux using Mac on Linux on 
my old iMac G3, can't remember though if it was OSX or OS 9.2 which I 
ran on top of it.  Besides it was REALLY slow.

I am a little tempted to invest in another PPC Mac.  A supplier of mine 
keeps e-mailing me offers on G4 iBooks and G5 iMacs.  They are still a 
little pricey though (well the iMac is) considering what I can build for 
the same money.


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