[ubuntu-uk] Home partitions do I need one?

Graham Smith myotisone at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 17:03:18 BST 2009


>> Or even NTFS I assume to make it easy for a dual boot Windows
> Well I wouldn't personally format my home partition to NTFS.  I can
> however access my Windows partition with the NTFS3g driver which is
> handy for those occasions when I need to access something off it

Yes i fact this is what I was doing until everything fell about my
ears and Ubuntu and Windows stopped working properly (for unrelated

> What I would love (not sure if something is available) is a addon for
> Firefox so I can save my bookmarks to a central server

I have been using Foxmark now Xmarks  to do this between two Linux
boxes, one Mac and three Windows boxes. But using the Xmarks server
rather than my own. Been using  it for what seems like years and it
seems to work fine.


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