[ubuntu-uk] Home partitions do I need one?

Michael Iain Douglas mehall at mehall.co.cc
Sun Jun 14 13:37:50 BST 2009

mac wrote:
> Rob Beard wrote:
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>> What I would love (not sure if something is available) is a addon for 
>> Firefox so I can save my bookmarks to a central server (ideally my own 
>> personal server) and have it shared between my many PCs, at the moment I 
>> must have about 5 or 6 different sets of bookmarks.  Being able to 
>> access them from anywhere (like I can with my mail) would be handy.
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> You can put the Firefox profile on a network drive - as long as its file 
> system can preserve permissions (so FAT32 won't work) - and have each of 
> your FFoxes point to that profile in its profiles.ini.
> I don't have an ext3/ext4/nfs network drive at the moment (but I have a 
> plan!);  so I just use rsync with the profile on a usb formatted ext3, 
> 'get' it at the start of a session on one machine, and 'put' it at the 
> end, so it's always up to date.  (You can set the rsync commands up as a 
> 'FF3get' and 'FF3put' in .bash_aliases, for ease of operation.)  This 
> works fine for me, till I can get the profile onto a linux network drive.
> Of course, once you copy ('get) the profile to a machine, the FF3 on 
> that machine is running your last 'backup' of your FF3 profile, and 
> doesn't need the USB drive.  You only have to mount the USB and do a 
> 'put' if there are changes to bookmarks, etc, that you wish to keep and 
> propagate.
> Well, it works fine for me.  And I don't have to store my bookmark data 
> on someone else's servers for them to data mine.  ;-)
> mac
Mac: slight problem: some of us use windows too. And yes, yes, you can 
ext working under Windows, but it's not exactly rock solid. Someone 
should get XMarks, and then make it so you can use a server or location 
of your choice.


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