[ubuntu-uk] Home partitions do I need one?

Michael Douglas mehall at mehall.co.cc
Sun Jun 14 12:51:26 BST 2009

Rob Beard wrote:
> What I would love (not sure if something is available) is a addon for 
> Firefox so I can save my bookmarks to a central server (ideally my own 
> personal server) and have it shared between my many PCs, at the moment I 
> must have about 5 or 6 different sets of bookmarks.  Being able to 
> access them from anywhere (like I can with my mail) would be handy.

The "XMarks" firefox addon does just that. Unfortunately, it does it to 
their own server, and it does some minor tracking of what you bookmark 
(it uses it in google results to indicate what results others have 
bookmarked lately, to try and let you know which results are useful)
Given the convenience of having all my bookmarks on any Firefox, I don't 

I have also seen it suggested that using Dropbox or similar to mirror 
the bookmarks file/folder would be one way of doing it.

-- Michael

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