[ubuntu-uk] Thunderbird log?

mac ammonius.grammaticus at gmx.co.uk
Sun Jun 14 09:56:10 BST 2009

andrew seyes wrote:
> I had a problem with similar symptoms to those you describe and this
> was the only way I could get any log output out of thunderbird to
> figure out way was going on. As you say it does not appear to log
> anywhere else - I couldnt find anything in the usual places either.

That's useful to know.  It's a bit of an hack to set the log up, isn't 
it?  Not sure I completely understand how you do it, but perhaps it's 
clearer when you actually try.

Anyway, it seems the problem is only happening on my Jaunty laptop, and 
its system logs are indicating a problem with the wireless networking:

beacon loss from AP ######## - sending probe request
x3 or x4 entries, repeated every ten minutes or so, and then it's OK for 
a while.

(I've put # for the AP number)

But as this is not a problem with other laptops in the house (running 
8.04), I'm beginning to suspect it's something to do with Jaunty, not 
with Thunderbird or the wireless router.  (I should also say that my 
Thunderbird profile is on a network drive, so that I can access it from 
any of the machines in the house, so the networking is critical.)

Thanks for the suggestion.


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