[ubuntu-uk] Flyers

Matt Jones matt at mattjones.me.uk
Sat Jun 13 22:36:05 BST 2009

Just a report back on my findings, I bought a pack of 15cm*15cm paper
bags froom booker, and gave it a go. With my old HP colour laserjet
they printed pretty well, it isn't a photo quality print, but is
suprisingly decent. It probably won't work with a 4 pass system, due
to the layers and folds, although I havn't tried it. I don't think
printing the back will work, I tried a couple of times and it just
jammed. It may be possible in an ordinary B&W printer as the paper
path is generally less complicated. You do need to feed them
individually as they are are attached on a plastic loop thing.

Hope this help, I will experiment further when I get some time!


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