[ubuntu-uk] Broadband and hosting reccomendations

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Mon Jun 8 22:35:37 BST 2009

David King wrote:
> After examining the ADSL24 site more closely, I will pass on switching 
> to them as they appear to be just another Entanet reseller.
> Anyone else got any good suggestions for a good broadband ISP that 
> offers up to 24 Mbit/s, no LLU, not Entanet, TalkTalk-related or Virgin?
> David King
You could have a look at TitanADSL.org.uk, I believe they do 
non-LLU/non-Enta services (they are Enta resellers but like a lot of 
Enta resellers they DO offer alternatives to Enta).

Are you on an exchange which has been enabled for the ADSL2+ service?  
 From what I understand some of the bigger exchanges have been enabled 
by BT but a lot of the smaller exchanges have Wholesale Broadband 
Connect & ADSL2+ dates of 2010 or possibly later.

You could look at Plusnet, Zen, Andrews & Arnold to name a few.  I 
believe PlusNet do throttle their connections but do clearly state what 
they do and what they don't throttle.  To be honest I think the days of 
all you can eat broadband (i.e. truely unlimitied unthrottled broadband 
for under £30 a month) are over.


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