[ubuntu-uk] I have discovered e-books this week.......

jakewc2 jakewc2 at sky.com
Sun Jun 7 17:57:45 BST 2009

Yes, I know, I am a bit slow, but because I thought you had to have one of
those expensive e-book readers, I havent bothered with them. Then I
discovered in Add/Remove that there is a reader in there, and not only that,
I discovered that it can be downloaded to my E71 phone and I can read the
books on there. It took a little bit of fiddling, because I did it all with
the Blueman Bluetooth program, which I think has to be the best program for
bluetooth around. I know its a small screen, and only about a dozen lines,
but the size of the font can be increased or decreased, depending on your
eyesight. It works perfectly. I have been using it whilst travelingmon the

Amazing little program. Thanks guys, I would never have been able to do that
in Windows.

Talking about e-book readers, does anybody know if Amazon or e-bay do any
for a lot less than what they are on the net, and which reader is a better
one that I can use with my Ubuntu.

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