[ubuntu-uk] Wacom Intuos4 - how to install?

norman norman at littletank.org
Sun Jun 7 14:34:28 BST 2009

> > As an aside, what do you think of the intuos? I am severely tempted by
> > the A4 one as an upgrade from my bamboo, which has more than paid for
> > itself.
> Well, it *looks* very pretty.  But so far it's a decorative, and 
> extremely expensive, mouse!  If I can get it to behave like a graphics 
> tablet, I'll let you know how well it works!
> More seriously, Rolf Steinhort demos one in this video: 
> http://meetthegimp.org/episode-101-tablets/

However, in episode 104 he says that if he had known about the Bamboo he
would have got that in preference to the one he has.
> Now, back to trying to install the d***n thing...

Best of luck.


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