[ubuntu-uk] Wireless Networking question: Ps3 or Xbox 360

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sun Jun 7 07:03:06 BST 2009

Rob Beard wrote:
> javadayaz wrote:
>> I mean primarily to view stuff/media thats stored on the ubuntu pc! 
>> sorry should have made that a bit clearer
> Yeah no problem.
> Well I don't have either console (I have an original XBOX, PS2 and 
> Wii).  I know the PS3 has Linux support and I'm pretty certain there is 
> a version of Ubuntu available (if I'm right it's the PowerPC version 
> that runs on the PS3) so you could run your media that way with 
> something like MythTV.  I'm not sure if the default operating system on 

that's not really an easy way to do things :)

> the PS3 (XMB is it?) can connect to Samba shares but I believe it does 
> support uPNP which I understand there are servers available for this on 
> Ubuntu, I've also read it supports Divx video files.

No, neither the PS3 or Xbox 360 can connect to smb shares.

> With regards to the XBOX 360, I really don't know.  I know it can 
> connect to a Windows machine which is running Windows Media Centre and 
> play stuff from that, and I would assume it can play WMA/WMV files 
> (being Microsoft format files) but as far as connecting to a Samba share 
> or uPNP server I just don't know.  Doing a quick Google search pointed 
> to a post about someone running Windows XP Media Centre edition in 
> something like VirtualBox.

That's overkill, and expensive.  Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 can connect
to any OS's or device's uPnP server to grab media from, e.g. XBMC/Plex,
Connect360, TVersity, FUPPES, ushare, MediaTomb, etc.  If your uPnP
server can transcode unsupported media, all the better (e.g. the 360
won't be able to play things like mkv without some assistance), but both
can do the basics.  For the fastest working system, but least out the
box features, you can at least apt-get install ushare :)

So to answer the OP's question, both are pretty amenable to streaming
media from an Ubuntu box, dependent on your choice of uPnP source.  The
PS3 has WiFi built in, you'll need to purchase an Xbox 360 Wireless
Adapter (retail cost £59.99), e.g. http://tinyurl.com/ldhexr

I'd say your other requirements will come into play as to which one you
should buy, e.g. cost, joypad comfortability, onboard storage space,
available games, types of games[1], bluray capability, etc.  Both
consoles have their strengths and weaknesses (tho I prefer the 360 at
the moment), so choose wisely :)


[1] i.e. are you a Halo (360) fan?  Gran Turismo (PS3)?  certain games
    are cross platform, and will be available on both 360 and ps3, but
    some are platform exclusive (meaning those specific titles will
    never be available on the other platform), or are timed exclusives
    (meaning those titles will be available on one platform before
    the other), or have feature exclusives (meaning one platform will
    have specific features in the title vs. the others, e.g. Grand
    Theft Auto IV's downloadable content only being available on 360,
    not PS3)

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