[ubuntu-uk] Wacom Intuos4 - how to install?

mac ammonius.grammaticus at gmx.co.uk
Sat Jun 6 19:22:00 BST 2009

norman wrote:
> I also watched this video but I am thinking of getting the Wacom Bamboo.
> However, may I suggest you contact Rolf, he is a most helpful person?

Hi, Norman.  I did think of e-mailing him;  but I noticed that he'd 
described on his blog (in the comments section of this episode) how he'd 
just used an xorg.conf file that he'd had since 6.10 (I think).  He'd 
just kept it while doing routine upgrades from one release to the next. 
  So I got the impression that he hadn't had to compile drivers, or 
install kernel modules, or any of the intricate stuff that now seems 
nessary -- it had 'just worked' for him, with only some tweaks to his 

I'm actually considering downloading an old .iso, and starting from there!

If you do get a Bamboo, and get it working, I hope you'll keep some 
notes to share with me!

Best wishes


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