[ubuntu-uk] Wireless Networking question: Ps3 or Xbox 360

javadayaz javadayaz at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 15:26:54 BST 2009

i too have an original xbox and would like to connect it that way...but she
who must be obeyed probably wont allow that because of all the wiring...and
i really dont wana buy extra hardware.If i could wifi enable my xbox somehow
that would be brilliant solution too

2009/6/4 Rob Beard <rob at esdelle.co.uk>

> javadayaz wrote:
> > I mean primarily to view stuff/media thats stored on the ubuntu pc!
> > sorry should have made that a bit clearer
> Yeah no problem.
> Well I don't have either console (I have an original XBOX, PS2 and
> Wii).  I know the PS3 has Linux support and I'm pretty certain there is
> a version of Ubuntu available (if I'm right it's the PowerPC version
> that runs on the PS3) so you could run your media that way with
> something like MythTV.  I'm not sure if the default operating system on
> the PS3 (XMB is it?) can connect to Samba shares but I believe it does
> support uPNP which I understand there are servers available for this on
> Ubuntu, I've also read it supports Divx video files.
> With regards to the XBOX 360, I really don't know.  I know it can
> connect to a Windows machine which is running Windows Media Centre and
> play stuff from that, and I would assume it can play WMA/WMV files
> (being Microsoft format files) but as far as connecting to a Samba share
> or uPNP server I just don't know.  Doing a quick Google search pointed
> to a post about someone running Windows XP Media Centre edition in
> something like VirtualBox.
> If you haven't got either though you may also want to consider something
> like the Popcorn Hour device which plays a wide variety of media formats
> (I believe it also does Makrosa video files) and connects to a network
> plus IIRC also has space for a hard drive.  I believe it supports
> standard definition and High Definition content with a pretty good
> variety of connections (HDMI, Composite, Component Video etc).  I did
> see a review in a Linux Format magazine not long ago, and I think it
> retailed for something like £150 or so.
> Hope this helps.
> Rob
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