[ubuntu-uk] Broadband and hosting reccomendations

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Jun 4 09:19:43 BST 2009

John Levin wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for reccomendations for broadband suppliers and hosting.
> First off, I'm getting rid of Entanet (via UKFSN) as they've seen fit to 
> more than double their charges! (Getting ready for long phone session to 
> customer services today) Don't have cable, so looking for a 
> geek-friendly adsl service.
There are a couple of decent ISP's out there, possibly Andrews & Arnold 
(www.aaisp.net.uk) or Zen (www.zen.co.uk) but I understand they can be a 
little pricey.

Other than that, if your local exchange is LLU enabled that is another 
option.  If you go into the ThinkBroadband.com forums and ask in the 
Enta forum a few of the other Enta resellers are now offering LLU 
services or alternative ADSL services other than through Enta (basically 
because of the whole ALT thing that Enta customers were suffering from, 
exactly the reason I left).

Some of the Enta resellers that I know are offering alternatives to Enta 
now are TitanADSL (titanadsl.org.uk), ADSL24 (www.adsl24.co.uk) and 
Vivaciti (www.vivaciti.net) who I was with when I had Enta.  I can 
recommend Vivaciti as they offered great service, the only reason I left 
was because I couldn't get the LLU service and I was able to get Virgin 
Broadband, TV and Phone for less than I was paying for the BT phoneline 
& Enta service.



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