[ubuntu-uk] burning discs in virtual machines

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Jun 4 09:05:23 BST 2009

Farran Lee wrote:
> so I've got it all working so far... the only problem is, the .iso I
> need to burn is in a virtual machine; specifically ubuntu 9.10 i386 in
> VirtualBox. How can I burn  discs in it? Is there something special I
> need to install?
> Thanks :)
> ===================================
> Farran Lee
> I'm only 16 :P
Okay you need to shutdown the virtual machine, go into the settings for 
the individual virtual machine and then go to CD/DVD ROM (third option 
down on the list, at least on the non-open source Virtual Box 2.2).  You 
need to make sure Mount CD/DVD Drive is ticked and Host CD/DVD Drive is 
selected, this will give you a drop down list of any CD/DVD drives.  
There should be a tickbox underneath that to Enable Passthrough, make 
sure this is ticked too.

Then boot into the virtual machine and whatever CD?DVD burning software 
you use *should* detect the drive as a DVD/CD writer and allow you to 
burn discs.

Bear in mind that this is on the non-free Virtualbox from their web site 
and not the open source version (VirtualBox OSE) which is in the 
repositories so there is a chance you may not get these options.

Anyway, hope this helps.


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