[ubuntu-uk] Flyers

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Wed Jun 3 16:23:55 BST 2009

Rob Beard wrote:
> Hi folks,
> A couple of us our local LUG have got an event coming up in the next 
> couple of weeks (well two in fact, one in a couple of weeks and one in 
> about a month's time.  Now I have a few Ubuntu CDs from Canonical which 
> we're hoping to distribute to visitors but I was wondering if anyone had 
> any flyers which could be distributed alongside them?

I have a folded leaflet - black text no colour - which I try to keep
up to date and use at my regular showings at local computer fairs. If
you would like to try it out you are welcome. Shall I send a  file to
your address?

format is 2 folds vertically from an A4 size sheet.

Title is

The Easy Trouble Free
Alternative to Windows

alan cocks
Ubuntu user

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