[ubuntu-uk] Thanks!

James Milligan (Lake54) lake54 at lake54.com
Wed Jun 3 08:32:48 BST 2009

>> Just coming back to what Sean was saying last night - is it therefore
>> Pidgin that is causing my sound to not work?
>You may have misunderstood... I had sound issues, I suspect unrelated
>to any application but more something to do with whatever the sound is
>on Gnome (gstreamer is it?)... what appeared to be happening was that
>Pidgin was coming up with errors every time it tried to play a sound
>and, eventually, it'd just eat up all the memory and the entire
>machine would hang.
>It was just a warning.

OK I thought it wasn't that - just wanted to check :-)

Is it a good idea to try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenSound

It says at the end, if I want to go back to ALSA - to try the Creative X-Fi drivers, it says. Therefore, will OSS help at all?


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