[ubuntu-uk] Google wave (was: Ubuntu stickers!)

Thomas Ibbotson thomas.ibbotson at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 23:50:45 BST 2009

Harry Rickards wrote:
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> On 05/31/09 23:44, Thomas Ibbotson wrote:
>> James Milligan wrote:
>>> Good old popey.com ;-)
>>> Also noting someones earlier email - is it considered 'proper  
>>> etiquette' to reply to a list email below the quoted text? If so I  
>>> apologise.
>> Wikipedia has an article on posting style 
>> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posting_style)
>> Of course, this issue will be irrelevant with Google wave as you can 
>> replay the conversation. Looking forward to that!
>> Tom
> But will Google Wave's open protocol be like the open sourceness of
> Google Chrome (ever tried running Chromium on Linux?)
I have high hopes. I'm always a little dubious about trusting Google, 
but they just keep coming up with great ideas and I can't help but get 
excited about them. I have run Chromium on Ubuntu, and it worked much 
better than I was expecting given that it came with the caveat that it 
wasn't even close to being ready yet. I'm happy to wait for now.

I was impressed by the Google wave demo, in fact I had not long before 
been thinking about how best to collaborate with my colleagues on a 
paper I am writing, as soon as I watched that demo I thought "that's 
it!". We currently send things back and forth via email, discussion 
about technical aspects of the paper, a copy of the paper with comments 
annotated on it, and a wiki with some of the more well thought-out 
arguments put down. It seems to me that Google wave would be a far 
better way to organise all this. The only thing I'm not sure about is 
how we could collectively edit a LaTeX document using it, but as it's 
all open, I'm sure that an extension could be written.


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