[ubuntu-uk] Thanks!

Michael Douglas mehall at mehall.co.cc
Tue Jun 2 23:07:14 BST 2009

James Milligan wrote:
> <snip>
> Now, regarding the sound.
> I have a Creative Soundblaster XFi Xtreme Gamer card, which wasn't  
> picked up by default after installation. I've read on the forum  
> somewhere that Creative drivers weren't available (back in 06) - I  
> then found and downloaded the Linux drivers from Creative  
> (opensource.creative.com) and extracted it to a directory. I then  
> followed the instructions on how to install (sudo make and sudo make- 
> install) - the card then appeared in System > Preferences > Sounds.  
> The OSS 'version' worked more than the ALSA one - in fact the ALSA  
> driver didn't even work for the test button.
> Now, from what I've tried so far, only a couple of programs seem to  
> output sound - Pidgin being the main one. The system doesn't output  
> any sound whatsoever, incl. login sounds etc, and Firefox doesn't work  
> with sound either.
> I find it strange that one program works and has sound, yet others,  
> including the system, don't.
> Has anyone got anything that I can try?
> </snip>

Ermmm... been a while since I used OSS, as I have fairly standard sound 
cards across the board....

And sometimes ALSA just doesn't work..

It'll be because ALSA is the default for everything, IIRC, and there 
will be a setting somewhere, I would presume, to make Gnome and 
everything, not just apps, use OSS? I'm probably wrong and someone can 
correct me.

In other news, glad you have everything (else) working now!!

-- Michael

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