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Tue Jun 2 13:51:19 BST 2009

Have not knowingly reset anything, the root password request follows when I select route shell, followed by enter. I dont have any files currently on the Ubuntu machine, so a reload is not a problem. Why the machine rejected my username and password may well remain an unsolved mystery. It does appear to be loss of both username and password that is causing the problem. Maybe understandable as it would be a major security issue if an Ubuntu 8.04 machine could be accessed easily by unauthorised users. Looks like a recheck, then reload, thanks for your input Sean, much appreciated.

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Subject: Re: [ubuntu-uk] 8.04 username and password problem, repeat request
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No, it didn't ask me for a root password at all... just selected that
last option on the recovery list ("Drop to root shell with networking"
I think it was called) and about 30 seconds later I was in a root
prompt (ie. "#" prompt)

I don't know why you would be getting asked for root at all - I've
never known Ubuntu to want root for any form of maintenance, the whole
setup is based around accessing root privileges through the "sudo"

Did you manually set a root password at some stage perchance?


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