[ubuntu-uk] Asus and Microsoft sitting in a tree....

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Mon Jun 1 23:32:36 BST 2009

Asus are behaving very BADLY by ditching the OS that gave them their 
ability to launch the Eee PC and its initial success. I think the way 
the Xandros OS is setup needs to be improved, but bullying tactics by 
Microsoft, convincing Asus that their Linux installs are not working for 
people, is not the way to go.

Linux is up to date, great, and if properly designed for the specific 
netbook, a very good OS. Maybe Asus should consider supplying their 
netbooks with Ubuntu Netbook Remix instead of Xandros?

I think the main problem is giving people something that looks familiar 
in terms of some of the design features of Xandros on the Eee PC, but 
not really educating users as to how to use it properly. And they should 
give people a choice of Linux installations, so far I do not think any 
netbook maker gives a choice of 2 or more Linux distros, just 1 linux 
distro (which is not always the best one for it) or Windows XP.

Ubuntu is now quite well known so when companies like Dell put Ubuntu on 
their netbooks, they are probably selling better than those by other 
companies with less well known distros.

David King

Christopher Swift wrote:
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> Alan Lord (News) wrote:
>> On 01/06/09 20:52, Christopher Swift wrote:
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>>> Lets not jump ahead of ourselves here. I highly doubt that either ASUS
>>> nor Microsoft are officially behind this campaign. Really guys do a
>>> whois on the domain name, it is registered by GoDaddy.com for crying out
>>> loud! In all fairness both teams have a better advertising team than
>>> what this website has came to be. The entire website is just one image
>>> and an embedded Flowplayer to play the video! Honestly wouldn't they use
>>> something like Silverlight? Perhaps something like the Hyper-Video part
>>> of Silverlight would be a real plus when mentioning XP direct to the MS
>>> site, when mentioning  the eee, direct to ASUS' site. There isn't even a
>>> single link to asus.com nor microsoft.com neither. In short it looks
>>> like you guys have been ultimately trolled.
>> Are you referring to the same article that started this thread? It links 
>> to here: 
>> http://www.osnews.com/story/21589/Asus_Microsoft_Launch_Anti-Linux_Netbook_Campaign
>> Looks like a MS/Asus add to me.
>> Al
> Yes I am referring to that article and many others on the same topic
> :-). There is just one page on entire ASUS web-range that links to that
> page over at asus.co.uk and not on any other counterparts. If you ask me
>  it was a sys-admin who was having a bit of fun and hoped not to be caught.
> First off I'll point out the evidence that we have piece-by-piece and I
> don't mean to be patronising nor offensive as I do this.
> Firstly visit asus.co.uk, it automatically redirects to uk.asus.com. Now
> visit the 1008HA's page on what looks like the officially endorsed asus
> page for the UK (i.e. utilising the uk.asus.com subdomain). It can be
> found here:
> http://uk.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=24&l2=164&l3=0&l4=0&model=2912&modelmenu=1
> whereas somehow there is an asus.co.uk page however their index page
> redirects to uk.asus.com, the page that I am referring to is here:
> http://www.asus.co.uk/eeepc/1008HA/features.html as you can see there is
> a reference to this "joke" marketing site ;-). OK there is an official
> domain pointing to the marketing campaign on one of their product's
> pages, well I'll be damned if you can find it on a single other ASUS
> page, check out this page for example:
> http://www.asus.co.uk/eeepc/1000HE/ there is no mention of
> itsbetterwithwindows.com ;-).
> Now lets take a look at the whois for asus.com:
>    Domain Name: ASUS.COM
>    Whois Server: whois.networksolutions.com
>    Referral URL: http://www.networksolutions.com
>    Name Server: DNS3.ASUS.COM
>    Name Server: DNS7.ASUS.COM
>    Status: clientTransferProhibited
>    Updated Date: 29-mar-2007
>    Creation Date: 25-oct-1995
>    Expiration Date: 24-oct-2011
> Registrant:
> Asus Computer International
>    800 Corporate Way
>    Fremont, CA 94539
>    US
>    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
>       Yao, Charles		charles_yao at asus.com
>       Asus Computer International
>       800 Corporate Way
>       Fremont, CA 94539
>       US
> As you can see ASUS have really put out some details for them to be able
> to be contacted and even run their own DNS server for the domain, now
> lets look at the itsbetterwithwindows.com whois shall we?
>    Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
>    Whois Server: whois.godaddy.com
>    Referral URL: http://registrar.godaddy.com
>    Name Server: NS61.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
>    Name Server: NS62.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
>    Status: clientDeleteProhibited
>    Status: clientRenewProhibited
>    Status: clientTransferProhibited
>    Status: clientUpdateProhibited
>    Updated Date: 05-dec-2008
>    Creation Date: 05-dec-2008
>    Expiration Date: 05-dec-2009
> Registrant:
>    Michael Sharp
>    12932 SE Kent-Kangley Rd.
>    Box 238
>    Kent, Washington 98030
>    United States
> I'm sorry for the huge email however it can be seen that this
> questionable website uses questionable contact info, i.e. it is not even
> in the same state as the ASUS domain registree and the contact email is
> a hohtmail account using a consumer level hosting account over at
> GoDaddy.com :). For clarity the email is rdcpro at [good old] hotmail
> dot com. Now try and convince me that ASUS or Microsoft are truly behind
> this campaign.
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