[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu stickers!

Matt Jones matt at mattjones.me.uk
Mon Jun 1 16:35:40 BST 2009

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 4:27 PM, Gordon <gbplinux at gmail.com> wrote:
> alan c wrote:
>> James Milligan wrote:
>>> Also the CDs you order through shipit come with 4 stickers each I
>>> think. I've got a fair few here. Need to stick them somewhere actually.
>> Car back bumper, bike front mudguard, front window of house,  :-)
>> back of laptop lid .....
>> On a car back bumper they last about 6 months, maybe more if not in
>> too much sunshine.....
> Anyone know where I can get these? I'm replacing Vista on my laptop and
> it would be good to peel off the "Vista" sticker and replace with an
> Ubuntu one!
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You will have to get a mixed pack for 43p, they appear to be sold out
of the ones that come with shipit.


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