[ubuntu-uk] Mini-success story

Cornelius Mostert corneliusmostert at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 1 08:46:38 BST 2009


I could say it again Look at SpinRight from www.grc.com I have used it
before to fix BSOD's on PCs, I once even fixed a Linux PC as this
software does not care about what OS it is it looks at the HDD only
bit for bit...
I was skeptical of this software when I bought it ( I only bought it
in the past to support the Security Now show, Wery good for security
stuff - to some extent) BUT as I say I was able to fix a few HDD in
the past!

O BTW just to prevent you from making a silly misrtake like I did (NOT
reading the instructions) on the USB stuff... the first section you
need to select the ISO or Live CD you would like to use for your
Distro for the USB creator...
I always thought there was something wrong with my USB keys or
something as I never could click on the Create button... I then looked
at a How to do this - howtoforge.com and then saw I have to select the
ISO or Live CD :-)
> PS - the BSOD error was machine check exception - mainly associated
> with CPU but it seems to be running fine.

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